Summer Sport: Does Wagner want to get back into the T20?

Sunday Sport 24/12/2017

Dave Worsley and Brad Lewis talk with Neil Wagner, a New Zealand test Cricketer who claimed his best figures of 7/39 at the beginning of this month.

Neil speaks about whether or not he would be interested in getting back into the T20 international with the Black Caps... listen above.

Otago Volts vs the Northern Nights...  "I enjoyed the loss!".

Brad laughs "Do you wheel Warren Barnes in a Hannibal Lecter wheelchair?"

Neil admits "I do love playing..."

"I think in the last couple [of] seasons, I've seen my strengths and people have adapted to that... it's about a change of pace and different deliveries."

Counting his blessings, Neil has Christmas day off, to spend with his family.

Listen to the full interview with Neil Wagner above.

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