Sam West on the Museum of Failure

Weekend Variety Wireless 10/12/2017

This week Graeme talks with Samuel West on the 'Museum of Failure', what's to expect and why he started it.

Sam explains the reason he started it was a counter reaction for society... the more success is praised, the more failure becomes worse.

The Museum of Failure is a one of a kind international collection of more than 100 innovation failure - for every successful product corporations put on the market, there are many failures behind it.

The Museum explores these sometimes humorous misses, giving visitors a fascinating learning experience and insight into the risky business of innovation.

Starting in Sweden, Sam starting collecting his exhibits buy purchasing stuff online, but he has now become international. 

What to expect in the Museum of Failure: Cappuccino flavoured chips... and Colgate beef lasagne?!

There is also a Donald Trump dedicated section.

Listen to the full interview with Sam West above.

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