Medicinal cannabis campaigner says law hasn't gone far enough

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People with a prescription will eventually be able to pick up medicinal cannabis from a pharmacy under legislation introduced on Wednesday.

Medicinal cannabis campaigner Rose Renton joins Mike Puru & Leah Panapa on Summer Breakfast to discuss the new legislation.

Until the medicinal cannabis industry takes off, the Government will decriminalise the use of cannabis plants for those with less than 12 months to live, if they have a doctor's approval. 

“They are going to have to extend it beyond 365 days,” explains Ms Renton.

“Remember, with cannabis, you can’t overdose. You may feel horrible if you eat too much, but you can’t actually kill yourself with cannabis.”

[The law] just hasn’t gone far enough for people in chronic pain.

While the police have been using discretion with prosecuting terminally ill users, the new law formalises their expectations.

“We weren’t even allowed to say the word cannabis or marijuana because it was seen as such a dangerous drug,” Ms Renton says. “We now know that it has so many medicinal qualities.”

With other industries like vehicles and fishing requiring licenses, Ms Renton asks “why can’t we be registered cannabis growers?”

Listen to the full interview with Rose Renton above.

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