Political panel, 14th December


For the last time in 2017, Mitch Harris is joined by political commentators Rodney Hide and Chris Trotter to talk on the latest in politics, and the top political stories of 2017 - both here in New Zealand and internationally.

On the table tonight:
- Grant Robertson releases his first mini-budget. There will be no new taxes before 2020, but commentators are saying that hasn't left much 'wiggle room'.
- In the mini-budget, there are big boosts for students and families. How will these two issues play out before the General Election in 2020? Will they possibly see Labour cement another term?
- What is behind Labour's lack of spending since gaining power? Are they holding back because of talk regarding another global recession?
- The Euthanasia (or assisted dying) bill - NZ First and David Seymour are working together!
- A recent poll found almost 75% of Kiwi's are in favour of making Euthanasia legal.
- The question around 'mental capacity' regarding someone ending someone's life.
- Roy Moore was narrowly defeated by Doug Jones for the Alabama Senate seat. Has the Republican brand been tainted after President Trump backed Moore?
- A mammoth 96% of African-American voters in Alabama voted for Doug Jones, which it turns out was the difference in the end.
- Does this shock result make Trump look more unattractive to Americans?
- The estimated voter turnout in Alabama was 20%, but 40% turned out to vote.
- The curious position that Steve Bannon finds himself in.
- A look back at the eventful year in politics, and the rise of Jacinda Ardern. Who would have thought this time last year she would be NZ Prime Minister?
- The panel all agree that Jacinda Ardern wins NZ politician of the year - but who should take second place? Bill English or Winston Peters?
- Should Donald Trump be named the international politican of 2017? What should the US President be afraid of in 2018?

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