Did the US ask New Zealand to help look into Russia?


Every Wednesday night after the 11pm news, Mitch Harris talks with Paul Buchanan, director at 36th Parallel, on the latest news in the USA. 

On the agenda tonight:
- Paul talks to us from Tuscon, Arizona - one of the states that borders with Mexico.
- What's it like at the US-Mexico border? How many people try to cross it illegally?
- US President Donald Trump wants to move the US Embassy in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. What could be the repercussions of this in the Middle East?
- Did President Trump know that Mike Flynn lied to the FBI? A tweet from Trump's account acknowledges this, but Trump says it was his lawyer that tweeted that. Does anyone believe that Trump's lawyer tweets from the US President's account?
- Why did Mike Flynn 'flip'? Did he do it to defend his son?
- Trump and his associates face more questions about the President's links with Russia. What role does his son-in-law Jared Kushner have in this? Did Trump use his son-in-law as an intermediary?
- Would Trump throw Kushner under the bus to save his Presidency? What about Donald Trump Jr?
- Is there a New Zealand link regarding Jared Kushner and his Russian ties? Was our GCSB involved in looking into Russia at the end of Barack Obama's Presidency?
- What did America ask New Zealand to do after signing the Five Eyes (FVEY) agreement?
- How long will the Robert Mueller investigation take?