North & South editor on the prevalence of social anxiety

Saturday Fresh 16/12/2017
Photo: File.

With the holidays requiring an extra dose of social events for most people, many people have a hard coping with the stress.  Social anxiety takes its toll year-round, but can be especially stressful around the holiday buzz.

Virginia Larson, editor of North & South, joins Carly Flynn on Saturday Fresh to discuss one of the topics featured in this month’s issue.

“For some people there is this persistent, intense fear of being judged or being embarrassed by their actions.”

It’s kind of hellish for a lot of people.

She explains that the first step to combatting social anxiety is to realise how common it is – with 1 in 10 people worldwide affected by some degree.

“It really does make social situations quite difficult for people.”

Listen to the full interview with Virginia Larson above. 

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