Minimising holiday stress: Aim for fun, not perfection

Saturday Fresh 16/12/2017
Photo: Getty.

Between Christmas gifts and social gatherings, it can be easy to rack up the stress during the holiday season.

Sophie Gray from Destitute Gourmet joins Carly Flynn on Saturday Fresh to discuss how to manage Christmas stress.

“Christmas becomes a time of pressure and stress and tension,” she says. “I think that’s a real pity because we then kind of lose the joy of it.”

She explains that social media channels make it all the more easy to be exposed to messages of perfectionism. Despite calls to make the perfect cake or host the perfect party, Ms Gray argues that “there’s no such thing as perfect.”

Instead of aiming for perfection, she suggests aiming to have a fun Christmas.

“If you’re aiming to have fun, then perfect doesn’t come into it.”

Listen to the full interview with Sophie Gray above. 

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