Media Stick with Tamar Munch

Weekend Variety Wireless 10/12/2017
Credit: The Sun

This week Graeme talks with Tamar Munch on Media Stick, they discuss the ever classic Shortland Street, Fake News, and Leighton Smiths resignation.

Is TK still in Shortland street?  - Graeme.

Oobah Bulter, a writer for Vice London created an entire fake restaurant - where the location was actually the shed in his garden... however it made it to number one rated on Trip Advisor.

These reviews can actually be faked and paid for on Trip Advisor... we hear from Oobah in an interview.

Graeme plays the (super fun!) audio of Leighton Smith resigning...

Also, what are Prince Harry's and Meghan Markle's real names?!

For all this and more, listen to the full audio with Tamar above.

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