Media Stick with Paul Casserly

Weekend Variety Wireless 17/12/2017

This week Graeme talks with Paul Casserly for Media Stick - the week’s media thrown on the BBQ and grilled.

The last Media Stick for 2017 and Graeme and Paul are enjoying a nice glass of wine in the studio.

We head to The USA to hear from Roy Moore voters being interviewed by Vice news... why have they defended him?

Paul tells us of the new Blue Planet series with David Attenborough... are the underwater sounds legit?

Frankie Boyle in Glasgow... "everyone was just cracking up and appalled"... Graeme plays the (explicit) audio.

"Was that quite a good media stick or was I just enjoying the wine?!" - Graeme...

Also, the New Zealand accent of the week compilation for 2017.

For all this and more listen to the full audio with Paul above.

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