'Why Does Love make' us Chase The Rabbit?

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On RadioLIVE Summer Drive, Lloyd Burr is joined by iconic Kiwi musician Jordan Luck, who is on tour with The Jordan Luck Band and the reformed Elemeno P over summer.

Jordan Luck and the Jordan Luck band's summer tour-'Chasing The Rabbit'-began on the 21st of December and runs around the country until the 30th. If you are interested in tickets for a great gig click here.

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Jordan began his renowned career as the frontman of The (Dance) Exponents.  Originally from Canada, Luck moved to the small town of Geraldine at the young age.  After attending Otago University, Jordan and Brian Jones (guitar)  formed the Dance Exponents. After acquiring Steve "fingers" Cowan (keyboards/guitar), David Gent(bass) and Michael "Harry" Harallambi (drums) The Dance Exponents were born.

Their first gig was on Jordan Lucks 20th birthday and Cowans 22nd birthday at the Hillsborough Tavern in 1981. Following the gig, the band released their debut single "Victoria" which debuted as a top ten hit.  Steve Cowan left the band following the song's release, and passed away in 1986. In his absence, Martin Morris joined the band, but only remained for 6 months.

In 1983 the band released their debut album Prayers Be Answered, which included some of their most successful hits such as a re-recording of "Victoria" and the release of "I'll Say Goodbye(Even  Though I'm Blue)".Prayers Are Answered remained in the charts for nearly a year and achieved double platinum status. Chris Sheenan(guitar) joined the band in 1983, and Harry (drummer) left the band in 1984.

The band went on to release albums Expectations (1985) and Amplifier(1986). In 1990 the original members of the band reunited and dropped the Dance from their name. They went on to record their most successful album Something Beginning With C(1992).  The album included the New Zealand anthem  " Why Does Love Do This To Me" and the top hit " Who Loves Who The Most".

It became the bands most successful album.  The band went on to release albums Grassy Knoll(1992) and Better Late than Never (1994) and finally disbanded in 1999. They got back together in 2005 to record songs "Geraldine" and "Or A Girl I knew" with producer Neil Finn. They have regrouped numerous times for stand-alone gigs such as the "Band Together" charity concert in aid of the Christchurch earthquake.

The Exponents were awarded the Herald legacy award and were inducted into the New Zealand Music Hall of Fame. The band was the centre point of a recent bio pic titled "The Dance Exponents - Why Does Love?" which is a great insight into the epic history of the band.  The Exponents are iconic, so this interview with Jordan is one you don't want to miss!

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Jordan's band, The Jordan Luck Band play a variety of Exponents tracks, aswell as new material that is co-written with Bryan Bell - Give it a listen.

Listen to the full interview with Jordan Luck above.

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