Jake Millar and his amazing achievements

Sunday Social 10/12/2017
Credit: http://jakemillar.com/

This week Vaughn talks with Jake Millar, the 21-year-old who started his first business "OOMPHER" while he was still a teenager and is now the co-founder of "Unfiltered".

Vaughn labels Jake as 'a bit of an overachiever'... he is the first ever teenager in New Zealand to sell a business to the Government, he sold "OOMPHER" in May 2015 and then went on to become the CEO of  "Unfiltered" in November 2015.

Unfiltered is changing business media globally, allowing entrepreneurs and business leaders to learn directly from the world’s greatest business minds. 

"One bit of advice can truly change someone's life." - Jake, on how he became who he is today.

Jake explains to Vaughn why the videos on his website are bite-sized, and how they get so many well-known people to be interviewed (hint: never stop emailing them).

For all this and more, listen to the full interview with Jake above.

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