Summer Sport: Glenn Phillips on Cricket

Saturday Sport 30/12/2017

Dave Worsley and Brad Lewis talk with Glenn Phillips on the T-20 cricket and his influences.

Glenn confirms it was a good first game of the series, and that to him the old saying 'Communication is Key' means a lot.

He and the team communicate after every two balls - they find it important and it keeps the game strong.

Brad asks... "But T-20 cricket is such a crazy game!"

Having that little burst in the last over just gave us our momentum

Glenn says all he can do is focus on his own game and puts his energy toward that.

When asked whether he looked up to anyone, Glenn says Andrew De Boorder was a huge influence for him - and his technique is modeled on him.

In his spare time, Glenn prefers Cricket (shocker) and spending downtime with his wife.

Listen to the full interview with Glenn Phillips above.

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