Why is New Zealand unlikely to follow Australia's move to ban foreign donations?

Your Sunday 10/12/2017

With a growing fear of foreign interference in democracy, why is New Zealand unlikely to follow the Australian move to ban foreign donations to political parties and also introduce a register for foreign lobbyists?

RadioLIVE's Ryan Bridge discusses with Professor Andrew Geddis from the University of Otago.

Professor Geddis believes Australia is becoming increasingly worried about Chinese influence in their domestic politics.

“It’s part of a sweep of concern about overseas interest trying to interfere with domestic electoral matters.”

But should New Zealander’s be worried about such things?

“Australia is bigger and more powerful, whereas New Zealand – our voice on the international stage might not carry quite so much weight” he says.

Professor Geddis says our political donation system has more safeguards than the Australian model.

The idea that a big Chinese, Russian or American company might try to pump a whole lot of money into one of our political parties… the law at the moment prohibits that.

Listen to the full interview with Professor Andrew Geddis above.

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