Defending doubles champion Johanna Larrson

Saturday Sport 30/12/2017

Dave Worsley and Brad Lewis talk with defending doubles champion of the ASB Classic Johanna Larsson, who this season finished with a ranking of 80 in singles and a career-high ranking of 20 in doubles.

Johanna is visiting Auckland from Sweden for the 7th time now, fitting in just enough time to chat with Summer Sport about her successes.

Winning the Doubles title last year, she made the World Final in Singapore but unfortunately didn't continue.

Johanna's best single performance was in 2013, and looking forward, she says,

we can definitely do better than we can today.

She speaks about the sporting village she stayed in, where it felt to her that everyone was equal.

Despite receiving free McDonalds while on tour, Johanna opted out... the line was too long!

She is also looking forward to some talented younger players rising up and making a name.

Listen to the full interview with Johanna Larsson above.

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