Dave Merritt - Street Poet / Street Publisher

Weekend Variety Wireless 17/12/2017

This week Graeme talks with Dave Merritt a street poet who shares his stories and talents with us.

In Graeme's words - "he’s a charming and smart man and a damned fine poet too."... listen above!

He'll be out and about in 6 different cities around NZ, at markets and zine fests... otherwise, he'll just be out on the street.

"You made me cry..." - Graeme on one of Daves poems.

Dave reads out a few of his emotional and personal poems...

Dave says "you have your heart and mind open to emotions and feeling... sometimes this won't be pleasant."

There's the ranting street poet... the romantic poet... the subway poet and even the performance poet.

"Poetry comes in an incredible number of flavors and styles..." - Dave

Listen to the full audio with Dave above.

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