Christmas at the Garner household: busy, loud, opinionated

Duncan Garner on The AM Show.

As host of The AM Show, Duncan Garner spends a good portion of his time debating on live national television. But for a few weeks in the year, Duncan kicks back to recharge over the holidays.

Duncan joins The Christmas Day Big Breakfast to reveal what a Garner Christmas entails.

Ever wondered what the Garner household is like on Christmas Day? Duncan describes it as busy, loud and opinionated.

“It’s sort of chaotic,” he says. “But its manageable chaos.”

“I always say to the kids – just role with this.”

Asked whether he can unwind instantly after he’s finished with work, Duncan explains it’s not that easy. While one would expect Duncan to be a morning person, he admits he’s both an early bird and a night owl.

I’m sort of always on.

“It takes so much time to unwind,” he says. “Because your phone doesn’t stop - you don’t stop thinking about it.”

Later in the show, each co-host of The Christmas Day Big Breakfast is provided with a wrapped gift, while Duncan narrates the race to unwrap gifts the fastest. 

Listen to the gift unwrapping race and full interview with The AM Show host Duncan Garner aboveThe AM Show will return on Three and RadioLIVE on January 15, 2018.

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