Apps of the Week

Sunday Social 17/12/2017

This week Vaughn talks with Paul Brislen for the last Apps of the Week for 2017, discussing Air BnB, Shazam, and Twitter.

"I'm in the seasonal spirit" - Vaughn.

After booking and paying for a fancy holiday on Air BnB, the owner got in touch asking him to cancel it.... so Vaughn would get the bad rep instead of them!

Paul talks about his "all-time favourite app!" - Shazam - which uses the microphone on your smartphone, listens to the song you want to know about and tells you what it's called.

Tweetstorm feature... what is different about Twitter now?

Also, what the hell is a yurt?

For all this, and to know about the top 10 Instagrammed locations for 2017 - listen to the full audio with Paul above.

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