Apps of the Week

Sunday Social 03/12/2017

Vaughn talks with Hazel Phillips for Apps of the Week, discussing, OK Google, a website to help you get cheap fuel, and more!

Hazel is back from her walk on the Milford Track (where drones aren't allowed!) and ready to talk all the apps and social media with Vaughn.

What does 'Vodafone' actually stand for? Vaughn explains.

The Text Message turns 25 today in New Zealand- and the very first text sent said "Merry Christmas!" 

Hazel lets us know about shut up and take my, bag of and very weird titles but what do these websites actually do?!

Also, which Vaughn explains sends "actual poo", and an app that can actually help you find the cheapest place to get feul.

For all this and more, listen to the full interview with Hazel above.

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