Magazines 'thrilled' about upcoming royal wedding

Long Lunch 28/11/2017
Photo: Reuters.

From what started as a blind date has turned into the royal affair of the year. Prince Harry popped the question to Meghan Markle, with media around the world thrilled that she said “yes”.

Sido Kitchen, Editor-in-Chief of Woman’s Day and Women’s Weekly, joins Lisa Owen on The Long Lunch to chat about how the proposal of the year will affect magazines around the globe.

“We all were just waiting for this,” she says.

The couple spoke for the first time since the proposal in a broadcast interview, where they revealed details on their courtship and most recent engagement.

“That is something we know about Americans – they love to talk,” says Ms Kitchen of the broadcast interview.  “And [Meghan] just gave and gave and gave.”

“Incredibly eloquent too, aren’t they?” she says.

While Prince Harry’s upcoming wedding might not be as large-scale as previous royal wedding, Ms Kitchen still thinks the wedding is “going to be up there”.

While Prince William is closer to the throne, the editor says that Harry is the most popular among Woman’s Day and Women’s Weekly readers.

“There’s a bit of cheekiness that comes with Harry,” she says.

Listen to the full interview with Sido Kitchen above.

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