The hottest tech around with Aziz Alsaafin

Saturday Fresh 19/11/2017

Aziz joins Trudi to talk all things tech, Instagram and the top 3 apps you need to get! 

Instagram is HUGE these days. Even though we might be at the bottom of the world, we are up with the times when it comes to Insta. We have a large social presence, especially due to our tourism industry, as visitors want to share our beautiful country. Aziz gives us the low down on the most Instagrammed locations in NZ! 

The top three were a bit of a shocker, with Takapuna Beach coming in third, Queen Street in second and Lake Tekapo taking the crown.

Featured App of the week, is PhotoScan by Google Photos. 

It's an app that digitises photos. Its free, and helps you to take a photo of your own photos, from the best angle possible. Check it out in the App store or on Google Play.

And Aziz's hot piece of Tech this week is a nifty little gizmo called the Fixt Nomad. The device filters liquids into 100% clean water. The three in one filter has a straw, attaches your water bladder, and screws onto your hot water tank for over 350 litres of clean water in case of a natural disaster or water outage. 

To hear more about whats going on with Social Media and Tech give the audio above a listen!