Stephen Sinclair on "Love Me Tinder"

Sunday Social 19/11/2017

This week Vaughn talks to Playwright Stephen Sinclair on his new comedy musical "Love me Tinder". 

Based on the 'phenomenon' of tinder and meeting people in the social media age, this musical is about the nervousness of two people on their first tinder date.

Stephen describes himself as a "sucker for the combination of drama and music" and is not a stranger to the playwright- having done his first production in 1987.

Based on a book of the play, this 1-hour musical is playing December 3rd and 4th at Freida Margolis in West Lynn, and December 13th and 14th at Classic Comedy on Queen Street.

Also, what is 'phubbing'?!

Listen to the full interview with Stephen Sinclair above.

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