MermaidMary Cocktail: Puna Cooler

Photo: Puna Cooler Mermaid Mary

MermaidMary joins Leah Panapa in The Long Lunch studio with a delicious cocktail recipe for you to enjoy this weekend.

Puna Cooler:

Fill a tall glass with ice

In a shaker put 

30mls beefeater 24 

30mls Sauvignon 

30mls Grapefruit Juice

10mls Sugar syrup 

Add ice & shake 

Strain into your tall glass & top with Rose Lemonade from Fentimens (delicious slightly sparking lemonade with rose oil extract which is available in supermarkets)

Garnish with Rosemary & Lemon


Head into Mea Culpa, 175 Ponsonby Road to experience MermaidMary’s favourite Auckland cocktail bar. 

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