Former AB blasts Tew for 'misguided' comments regarding French rugby

Sunday Sport 12/11/2017

Former All Blacks first five and current Pau coach Simon Mannix reviews this morning's All Blacks v France test in Paris. 

Speaking to Andrew Gourdie and Jim Kayes on RadioLIVE Sunday Sport, Mannix disagreed outright with Tew's view that teams in France were the culprits and was disappointed someone who had such an influential role in the game held such a view.

"I think Steve Tew, and an awful amount of respect for what he's done with New Zealand rugby and everything else, but misguided in his comments, totally misguided, and he's not the first New Zealander to make these uneducated comments," Mannix said.

"Misinformed comments like that coming from someone so powerful and so important in New Zealand rugby doesn't help with the general outlook and the general perspective of what's going on in France."

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