Teens are ‘gonna notice’ that extra holiday drink

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The Ministry of Health announced that over half of 15-17 year-olds in New Zealand have consumed alcohol in the last year – with 7.6% are drinking at hazardous levels.

Parents are being urged to take the lead and talk to their teenagers now about responsible drinking.

Matt Claridge, chief executive of The Tomorrow Project, joins Carly Flynn on The Long Lunch to discuss.

He explains that parents have an important role to play in shaping their teenager’s attitudes and behaviours around alcohol.

While some teens might be introduced to alcohol at a party, Mr Claridge says that some actually are introduced to it by their parents.

If you’re drinking alcohol around your kids, they’re gonna notice.

Mr Claridge explains that many parents underestimate how much of a role model they are to their kids, especially with drinking.

The Tomorrow Project an industry-funded organisation that leads the Cheers! social change initiative to create a healthier, more responsible drinking culture in New Zealand.

Listen to the full interview with Matt Claridge above.

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