Teaching resiliency can help with child anxiety, says psychologist

Teaching resiliency can help with child anxiety
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Anxiety has become a rising concern for modern day children growing up with privilege, says one psychologist.  

Gwendoline Smith, consultant psychologist and author of Knowing, joins Lisa Owen on The Long Lunch to discuss anxiety and depression in children.

Social anxiety seems to becoming more prevalent, which some may confuse with introversion. “It is not introversion,” Dr Smith clarifies.

Dr Smith has noticed that more parents are bringing their children to see a psychologist. While the parents are not the sole cause of anxiety in children, Dr Smith has noticed that modern parents tend to be overprotective. 

You’re not going to create a world where everything is lovely and no one ever experiences hardship.

That’s part of the psychology behind overprotectiveness, she explains. When parents don’t give their children a chance to experience a problem, those children may have trouble developing resiliency.

Listen to the full interview with Dr Gwendoline Smith above.

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