Apps of the Week

Sunday Social 12/11/2017

Vaughn has Anna Connell in for Apps of the Week, where they discuss scam emails, the new 280 twitter word count, virtual doctors appointments, and the low down... on fish.

As you learn to not reply to scam emails, NZ internet safety agency Netsafe, has decided to fight back against email scammers. is a bot that talks to scammers on your behalf - engaging them in endless conversations with the aim of wasting as much of their time as possible.

Twitter now has a 280-word count for all! The horror here though is 'Twice the Trump!'... Vaughn shares his views.

The Waikato DHB tries virtual doctors appointments… but no one wants them. Check it out here.

Why is Vaughn saying "Goo that looks like snot that comes from a tin of chickpeas"...? 

Listen above for the full story.

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