Apps of the Week

Sunday Social 05/11/2017

This week Vaughn talks to Julian Waters for Apps of the Week. They cover robot dogs (your new best friend), the new Nokia 3310 phone and how can you hear a babys heartbeat?

Nokia has relaunched a futuristic version of its classic 3310 mobile phone. The revamped version of the phone complete with the game Snake and 3G will be available through Spark from next week for only $99! But who are the market for these phones?

Remember that buzz of going for a midwife visit and hearing your baby’s heartbeat? Now, there’s an app for that! From Bellabeat, who also produce the Leaf fitness tracker/pendant. Listen to, record and share the heartbeat! Vaughn explains above.

And would you like the company of a dog without the mess? A robot dog perhaps?!

All this, and more, above for Apps of the Week!