Rocket Lab: Supreme winner at awards. Peter Beck with Sainso

Rocket Lab, Peter Beck. Credit:Idealog/NZInnovation Council.

Sainso was really excited to be one of the first to congratulate and talk to Peter Beck from Rocket Lab, crowned the winner of the Bayer Supreme New Zealand Innovation and Innovation in Design & Engineering at the New Zealand Innovation Awards 2017.

Passage from Idealog magazine:

It’s about as sci-fi as any innovation can get: 3D-printed, battery-powered rockets, taking off dozens of times a year to head to the stars.

It sounds more Thunderbirds than reality. But it's happening right here – and we can thank Aotearoa’s own Rocket Lab for that.

As founder and CEO Peter Beck told Idealog: “If the best place in the world to launch rockets was in the middle of a desert, that’s where I’d be – it’s that simple. But it turns out that launching satellites into space is best done from right here, in New Zealand.”

Listen to Sainso's full interview here, and find the rest of the Idealog piece here.

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