Grand Designs NZ featuring the Vinegar Lane project

Grand Designs NZ: Chris Moller, Niiki Cliff & Brendan Poole.

Brendan Poole and Nikki Cliff have been planning their first home in a groundbreaking medium density development in Ponsonby, Auckland since four years ago.


Their budget started at around $2 million and it's now over $5 million – and growing.

The young couple with a toddler are borrowing almost all of this! They are gambling on being able to rent two ground level retail spaces and three apartments to help finance the mortgage.

It's a story about the appetite for risk in the Auckland property market and the lengths people will go to, to secure a family home in the central city.

The Home & Garden team talk to Brendan prior to the episode going to air on Tuesday.

Listen to the full interviews and check out the photo galleries below showing the site before and after its transformation. 

And the big reveal...

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Watch Grand Designs New Zealand, Season 3 Episode 5: The Black House, 7.30pm Tuesday 17th October on Three and ThreeNow.