Give us your blood!


What blood type are you: A or O, maybe B or AB? And are you RH positive or negative?

If you are one of 50 % of New Zealanders that don't know the answer to this question, The New Zealand Blood Service wants you!

James Coleman is joined by Asuka Burge, the New Zealand Blood Service’s National Marketing and Promotions Manager, to discuss their latest missing type campaign - Don't be the silent type, help us fill the gaps.

The campaign lets businesses, other organisations and individuals show their support for blood donation by removing the letters A and O - the most common blood types- from their logos, branding, online content and social media accounts.  

Every year around 27 thousand people require blood, so every donation counts! The foundation is also looking for plasma donors. There is an 85% chance that you may unknowingly have one of the most desired blood types, A or O. Because the service loses around 20 thousand donors a year, they need new ones to fill the gaps. If you are interested in donating your blood, visit the New Zealand Blood Service's website to find your local donation centre.