Future of the Future: Transport


Vaughn Davis hosts this Labour Day Special on the future of transport and travel in New Zealand. Guests Jolisa Gracewood (Bike Auckland), Stephen England-Hall (CEO Tourism NZ) and Oscar Ellison (Yourdrive) share their expert opinions, discussing:

  • The increase in transport apps and personal ride-sharing like Yourdrive

  • Which travel mode is most efficient?

  • Why we don’t have the hoverboards we dreamed about in the 90’s

  • Dramatic decrease in children biking to school

  • Should we all buy a Tesla now? Or wait until futuristic cars are in mass production?

  • Increasing the frequency and digital services of public transport

  • And the BIG QUESTION… Will we be travelling around the planet in rockets in 20 years? Maybe not.

Listen above to find out more!