Future of the Future: Relationships


Vaughn Davis hosts this Labour Day Special on the future of relationships in New Zealand. Guests Pani Farvid (Relationship Psychologist), Lizzie Marvelly (Journalist, Activist) and Paul Oremland (Filmmaker) share their expert opinions, discussing:

  • The way technology is accelerating our connectivity and intimacy

  • Difference between online and mobile dating

  • Why Tinder is full of men holding fish!?

  • The dark side of digital relationships: abuse, bullying and revenge porn

  • Whether we are missing out on the ‘thrill of the chase’

They also share their different experiences with high-school Sex Ed classes (spoiler: Lizzie had the coolest Sex Ed teacher ever), porn’s effect on sexual expectations and how family will be defined in the future.

Listen above to find out more!