Future of the Future: Education & Work


Vaughn Davis hosts this Labour Day Special on the future of work and education in New Zealand. Guests Rod Snodgrass (Exponential Agency), Ryan Wilson (Generator co-founder) and Claire Amos (Hobsonville Point Secondary School DP) share their expert opinions, discussing:

  • Their first jobs and how they got to where they are currently

  • What kind of people are entrepreneurs?

  • Should the NZ school system still be set up as a feeder for universities?

  • Online learning as the next big step

  • Augmented and Virtual Reality as the future of education

  • AI teachers (imagine if your favourite teacher could teach you forever!?!)

They also make their predictions on which jobs are dying, and which are the next big thing. By the sounds of it, creativity is the key. Perhaps another renaissance age could be coming?

Listen above to find out more!