Frankie the Chatbot

Sunday Social 22/10/2017

Vaughn talks to Ben Rose of NIB health insurance this week about their new Artifical Chatbot - Frankie.

If you havn't yet encounted a chatbot online it's only a matter of time. But what exactly can Frankie the robot do?

She provides quick responses to customers about health enquiries - 24/7 - so especially out of buisness hours (2am is a popular time for Frankie).

Ben explains Frankie has "New Zealand Language" - so you can talk to her with some classic kiwi slang, just like she is another health insurence employee on the phone.

Only 2 weeks old- Vaughn asks: is Frankie being watched like any new worker would?

But don't get to thinking Frankie's completely serious, oh no, she also tells jokes...
(Which Vaughn thinks are not that funny).

Listen above to find out more!