Apps of the Week

Sunday Social 29/10/2017

Apps of the week with Peeyoosh Chandra (PC) in to talk to Vaughn tonight about Youtube, ChromeCast, Stranger Things, Amazon and a whole lot more - listen in!

Vaughn discusses his Chrome Cast and how it can turn nearly any TV into an internet connected device through your phone and/or laptop.

Stranger Things (Netflix NZ) returned this Friday the 27th and PC lets us into the know about the role-playing arcade app you can download on smart phones.

Are you a studying student? Do you know a student going through exams right now? The Forest app kicks smartphone addiction once and for all! Learn about it here.

Do you want an apple watch for only $25?... There's a 2 year catch!

What is "Amazon Slay"...? Vaughn explains...

Also, the iOS game of the week: HQ - an online real time mass pub quiz.

All this and more, on Apps of the Week!