The political panel, 14th September 2017


Every Thursday night after the 10pm news, Mitch Harris is joined by political commentators Chris Trotter and Rodney Hide to talk on the latest in politics.

On the agenda tonight:
- A new Colmar Brunton poll shows Labour and the Greens could govern alone.
- Why are the political polls showing such different results?
- The 'youthquake' and the tax debate - are these good or bad for Labour?
- Can Jacinda's rise in the polls be compared to Theresa May's in the UK?
- Tonight's poll bad news for NZ First - why have they dropped so much, is it just because of 'JacindaMania'?
- Gareth Morgan thinks TOP will get between 5% and 10% of the vote in the Election - does anyone actually think this will happen?
- Why do so many Kiwi's now split their vote?
- If you were Jacinda and had the numbers, would you prefer to go with the Greens or NZ First to form a government?
- National MP Jian Yang taught Chinese spies English before he moved to New Zealand. Why has this story surfaced just before the election?