The app that's saving our native birds


25 million native birds are killed every year by pests and currently 80% of our native species are in trouble - with Squawk Squad you can defend our native birds with a swipe of your thumb. 

Fraser McConnell is the co-founder and team leader for Squawk Squad, which is a social enterprise that aims to connect and engage New Zealanders in the protection and growth of our native bird life through the Squawk Squad app. Invest in a sensor-connected trap in aid of sanctuary projects, and get notified in real-time when your trap activates.

They’ve just posted a video on Facebook, launching a free education package for teachers to use in classrooms for NZ Conservation Week

Squawk Squad is also a finalist for the Innovation in Agribusiness & Environment award at the 2017 Innovation Awards. The awards are held on Thursday October 19th at the ANZ Viaduct Events Centre. You can see how Squawk Squad fare, amongst all the other amazing finalists. Tickets are on sale