Conner: Team NZ need to get Coutts back on board

Sunday Sport 02/10/2017

'Mr America's Cup', Dennis Conner, tells Andrew Gourdie and Jim Kayes why he thinks Team New Zealand should be extending an olive branch to Russell Coutts.

He believes the best sailors in the world are in New Zealand, and the best, most knowledgeable, astute sailor in modern times is Russell Coutts.

"If I were doing it I'd make amends...and if any hard feelings, I'd get over it".

Conner would love to see a return to good old basic racing where the best teams win, it actually matters which side of the course to go on, and the course isn't dictated by TV.

He believes the Royal NZ Yacht Squadron is switched on and has a good feel of what's right and wrong.

"New Zealand is really the place where the America's Cup belongs".

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