The Kings Arms is closing down

Weekend Variety Wireless 18/10/2017
Photo credit. Kings Arms Tavern. Owner Maureen Gordon.

UPDATE: Maureen Gordon, Manager of The Kings Arms Tavern sadly passed away, 18th October 2017, before the pub’s scheduled closure.

Original Story 7 May 2017

A lot of music lovers will be crushed when they hear the news that long-time alternative music venue in Auckland, The Kings Arms Tavern, is closing down and want to know why. Musician and host of Weekend Variety Wireless, Graeme Hill, certainly does, so he reached out to the one constant fixture behind this much-loved pub to find out.

Maureen Gordon She shares some colourful stories about her times managing The Kings Arms Tavern - what is was like dealing with the bands, the promoters and the pest that is "noise control" thats affecting so many gigs at the moment - and why they've had to make the decision to close down.

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