Your Sunday: In case you missed it

Your Sunday 18/03/2018

If you missed Your Sunday on the 18th of March 2018, don't worry. We have all of the best bits right here.

Children's Commissioner Judge Andrew Becroft

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Children's Commissioner Judge Andrew Becroft joined Trudi Nelson on Your Sunday to discuss these horrific cases of child abuse that continue to occur. Judge Becroft slammed the family involved after they've closed ranks, calling it irresponsible, gutless and cowardly.

Dr Marc Lanteigne

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With the Queen preparing a speech in case WW3 commences, and warnings that a russian nerve gas attack could happen anywhere, including New Zealand, Dr Marc Lanteigne joined Your Sunday to break everything down.

Hamilton Mayor Andrew King

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Earlier this week Hamilton Mayor Andrew King announced his plan to 'Kirikiriroa', the Maori name for the city. The idea was quickly shut down after public backlash, and he joined Trudi for chat to explain why.

Paula Yeoman

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Heaps of kiwi musicians are killing it overseas at the moment, so Paula Yeoman joined us on Your Sunday to shine a bit of light on Marlon Williams, Chelsea Jade (who wrote the Chainsmokers latest hit), Teeks and Alien Weaponry.

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