Your Sunday: In case you missed it

Your Sunday 11/03/2018

If you missed Your Sunday on the 11th of March 2018, don't worry. We have all of the best bits right here.

Dr Jacqueline Rowarth

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Dr Rowarth, Chief scientist of the Environmental Protection Authority talks to Trudi about the meteoric rise of A2 milk. She looks at the positive and negatives of the new fad, and asks the question we all want to know – what’s so special about A2 milk?

Chris Trotter & Rodney Hide

Photo: Murray Webb.

This week Trudi is joined by Rodney Hide and Chris Trotter for the Your Sunday panel.  Mr Hide is the former Act leader and Associate Minister of Commerce, whilst Trotter is a left-leaning political commentator. The pair sit down on Your Sunday to give us an insight into the 2018 Census, Stephen Joyce and all things current in New Zealand politics.

Proffessor Robert Patman

Photo: Reuters.

Professor Robert Patman, Otago University’s International Relations Expert joins Trudi on Your Sunday. Professor Patman gives us an insight into what is now considered the most important meeting since the Cuban missile crisis. He looks at South Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s call for a meeting with Donald Trump and questions the outcome of the confrontation. 

Harold Hillman

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Harold Hillman, Leadership coach, Business commentator and TEDx presenter joins Trudi on Your Sunday. Mr Hillman gives us an insight into workplace politics and corruption, and shares his own experiences. After living an unauthentic life as a closeted gay military officer, his personal experience and the teachings they gave him provide a great deal of insight.  

Nicola Willis

Photo: Newshub.

Nicola Willis, the National Party’s newest List MP joins Trudi on Your Sunday. Ms Willis gives us an insight into who she is, her aspirations for  her new role, and what it means to fill Stephen Joyce’s shoes.  

John Christie

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John here to talk about 'painting the town Ed'. Dunedin will soon see a new and somewhat controversial mural of pop star Ed Sheeran. Sheeran will play three concerts in the city later this month. 

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