Is this the most important meeting since the Cuban missile crisis?

Your Sunday 11/03/2018
Photo: File.

The upcoming meeting between South Korean leader Kim Jong Un and President Donald Trump has brought about a flurry of speculation and analysis among politicians and media outlets across the globe.

Professor Robert Patman, international relations expert at the University of Otago joins Trudi Nelson on Your Sunday to discuss why the meeting is such a big deal.

The upcoming confrontation is comes as a shock, as both nations have threatened nuclear warfare for months.

Professor Patman looks at how the meeting has the possibility to defuse tension between the two prolific countries, and avoid a potential war between North Korean and the United States.

However he also brings to light the possibility that the meeting could push the countries further toward confrontation.

The meeting, which currently does not have a date or location, is especially rare as no other sitting US presidents have met with a North Korean leader.

Professor Patman explores the reasons why and looks at New Zealand’s presence in the region. 

Listen to the interview with Robert Patman above.

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