Collins 'confident and happy' she's got enough support for National leadership

Your Sunday 18/02/2018

National Party leadership contender Judith Collins is confident she's got enough support to take the top job.

Amy Adams and Simon Bridges are understood to be neck and neck in caucus, with Ms Collins trailing.

However, she told RadioLIVE's Your Sunday, she's not worried:

It's a good number. I'm confident and happy.

Ms Collins clashed with National's chief whip about his comments on the leadership race.

Jami-Lee Ross issued a statement, saying no rules were broken when Amy Adams announced her leadership bid while flanked by supportive MPs.

Ms Collins claims caucus agreed not to reveal who they were backing.

She says she has since corrected Mr Ross:

"You will notice that no other MPs have come out publicly supporting either Simon Bridges or myself.

"I think that's an internal National Party issue which I have already dealt with," she told Ryan Bridge.

Asked if this would be her final shot at leadership, Ms Collins says only if she is "successful," hinting she may run again if she fails.

"We'll wait and see, won't we."

Judith Collins believes she has the most support among National's base.

Watch the full interview with Judith Collins above.

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