Words with Max Cryer: Slaughter, shoddy

Weekend Variety Wireless 03/06/2018
Credit: Getty.

Max Cryer is a New Zealand living treasure in both entertainment and etymological spheres.

This week Mr Cryer gets his nose into the books joining Graeme Hill to talk the Word of the Week and to answer your questions.

The word of the week is ‘slaughter’.

Mr Cryer explains its Scandinavian origin and the two meanings of the word - one describing a violent, brutal killing; and the other, killing in large.

Mr Cryer also tackles the age old question: Do you write ‘affect’ or ‘effect’?

‘Effect’ is normally indicative of change, while ‘affect’ means definite change has occurred.

Graeme has also been reading The Golden Door and came across the word ‘shoddy’. What association does the word have with woollen cloth in Yorkshire?

Mr Cryer further explores the English language with the smell of an oily rag, pom pom, drivel and rodeo.

Listen to the full interview with Max Cryer above.

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