Boycotting & The Stress Influence Tendency

Weekend Variety Wireless 09/06/2018
Credit: Getty.

Which countries want their teams to boycott the Football World Cup?

Jonathan Dodd, Research Director at Ipsos joins Graeme Hill to discuss politics in sports, and the cognitive bias Stress Influence Tendency.

Research shows that 49 per cent of Indian and 45 per cent of Saudi people that were surveyed, think their national team should boycott the Football World Cup in Russia next week.

Mr Dodd finds this interesting as India or Saudi Arabia doesn’t seem to have a large problem with Russia at the moment.

Graeme notes politics shouldn’t interfere with sports but it always does.

Also, the cognitive bias Stress Influence Tendency - which Mr Dodd breaks into three key parts: social proof tendancy, prival superreaction and doubt avoidence.

Listen to the full interview with Jonathan Dodd above.

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