National music treasure Don McGlashan

Weekend Variety Wireless 11/06/2018
Credit: File.

“If you had a lot of anger, and a big idea, that was enough.”

Don McGlashan joins Graeme Hill ahead of his New Zealand tour, up close and personal as he describes the path of his popular music career.

He reminisces the first song he wrote entirely in his head as a wee kid on a grassy hill one day in the Hauraki Gulf. 

He joined his first band Ethos at only 15, and he wrote a few of their songs.

Graeme reminds Mr McGlashan of the first time they met, when Graeme spilt an entire jug of Beer all over him.

Mr McGlashan shares his inspiration for getting into the musical career, odd stories from the past and his favourite tunes.

Don McGlashan’s extensive NZ tour info and tickets here.

Listen to the full audio with Don McGlashan above.

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