Media Stick: LeBron James' walkout & Ma'a Nonu

Weekend Variety Wireless 04/06/2018
Credit: Getty.

A Dog story leading The News, LeBron James’ walkout and Ma’a Nonu’s leaving statement.

Tamar Munch joins Graeme Hill for Media Stick, the week’s media sense & nonsense under the microscope.

They discuss why a story about a Dog made the very opening of the TVNZ One News this week.

LeBron James walking out during a Basketball game… why did he do it?

John Dybvig, who joins Graeme for Letter from America jumps on the phone and tries to school Tamar and Graeme with some Basketball lingo.

“We’ve had enough about Basketball!”

Ma’a Nonu has cited ‘family reasons’ for leaving and re-joining The Hurricanes over the years, and has now said the same for leaving Toulon.

Graeme begs just once would a sports person admit to joining a team to get away from their family!

Listen to the full audio with Tamar Munch above.

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