Environews: Secret world of Butterflies

Weekend Variety Wireless 09/06/2018
Credit: IStock.

A new exhibition named the “Secret World Of Butterflies” has opened at Auckland Museum this weekend.

John Early, Curator and master of insects joins Graeme Hill to discuss what a butterfly really is, the collection and the strange world of the collectors.

Mr Early speaks about Ray Shannon, a butterfly collector who travelled all over the world.

Mr Shannon handed over thousands of butterflies to the Museum when he died, which is how this exhibition came about.

Mr Early says the tropics are the hotspots for butterflies, which he simply describes as “an insect with scaly wings”.

Some butterflies of the rare species can even sell for huge sums, racking up over 1.6 thousand New Zealand Dollars for one butterfly.

Listen to the full interview with John Early above.

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