Astronomy: Space Junk & exploding asteroids

Weekend Variety Wireless 09/06/2018
Credit: APOD.

Space Junk, apparent Alien civilisation and exploding Asteroids... what could go wrong?

Astronomer Dr Grant Christie joins Graeme Hill to talk the latest in Astronomy.

Dr Christie says we need to think more about space junk, the consequences could be terrible for humanity.

We could end up trapped on Earth.

An asteroid exploded in our atmosphere, however it managed to be recorded by security cameras and only discovered seven hours before it hit the Earth.

Ancient globular clusters may not so ancient after all due to the Alien civilisations bound to collapse.

Also, New Horizons new job 12 light hours away, and the bizarre world of our Earth with it's newly formed moon.

Listen to the full interview with Dr Grant Christie above.

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