Weekend Life: In case you missed it

Weekend Life 09/06/2018

In case you missed it, here's a look back at the best bits from Weekend Life with Carly Flynn for Saturday, June 9th, 2018.

1 in 5 Auckland home buyers from overseas

Image: Newshub.

New figures came out this week showing that one in five Auckland home buyers are from overseas. Martin Dunn, Managing Director at City Sales, says that it’s an horrific figure.

Plus real estate companies wanting to keep the letting fees against the government's proposals to make them illegal.

Musings on motherhood

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Little Gems is book that celebrates pregnancy, labour, birth and motherhood by bringing together a mix of sometimes funny, always fascinating folklore from around the world - co-authored by Bridget Fogarty and Jane Langley and illustrated by Becky Ollivier. Bridget Fogarty got the idea after having one baby in the United Kingdom and one in New Zealand.

She says there were marked differences in attitudes from expectant mothers and health professionals in Auckland compared to London, where people seemed more relaxed about what to eat during pregnancy and whether or not a woman was going to breastfeed her baby.

Rugby fare with Jess' Underground Kitchen

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With the huge rugby game between France and New Zealand tonight, Jess Daniell from Jess’ Underground Kitchen has a one pot wonder that you can make ahead of the game and serve to the whole family - chicken cacciatore.

Cacciatore means “hunter’s stew” in Italian. Traditionally it’d be made with whatever the hunter had on hand (often rabbit or hare), cooked rustic-style over the fire with tomatoes, onions and herbs until tender and delicious.

Going back to basics

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Lydia Harris hasn’t been to a supermarket for over a year, and is living with her family in a zero waste lifestyle.

When the Whanganui mother-of-four decided to opt out of grocery spending for 12 months few people believed she could do it, but 17 months in she’s proving that it can be done!

New initiative sees Kiwi chefs creating yoghurt in support of charities

Image: File.

Al Brown is the owner of Depot, Federal Street Deli and Best Ugly Bagels, a TV presenter, and a bestselling cookbook author.

Al Brown joined Carly Flynn to talk about his friendship with Anthony Bourdain after his sudden passing while filming for his show in France, as well as the new initiative that will see New Zealand’s top chefs creating delicious new Collective yoghurts in support of New Zealand charities!

Allergies - can they be developed in older age?

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Allergies later in life are not as uncommon as you may think, Dr Kathleen Schubert has seen in her practice that often in time of adrenal fatigue or high stress and low energy strange new allergies show up.

She recommends taking an ALCAT intolerances blood test that has been validated by Yale University, as well as natural measures to support the body’s reaction to histamine and allergic reactions.

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